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Chris Hervochon, CPA, CVA LLC provides accounting, financial management and consultation services for this Michigan-based marketing agency.


Bragg Media Marketing is a creative marketing agency best known for high-quality graphic design and website design. Bragg Media also excels at well-written content — from press releases to news articles and from website copy to social media posts. The firm was founded by Heather Bragg in 2007 as a freelance graphic design firm that quickly grew to become a full-service digital marketing agency. Heather's husband, Mike Bragg, left his full-time job as a sports editor for a local newspaper to join Bragg Media in 2014.

Chris Hervochon began working with the family-run business in 2018 as they were on the precipice of major growth. In addition to organizing the firm's accounting systems through QuickBooks, we took over monthly bookkeeping, payroll via Gusto, financial reporting and business and personal income tax returns, etc.

Heather Bragg Bragg Media Marketing rates Chris Hervochon five stars

Heather Bragg

Bragg Media Marketing Agency, Michigan

I have a new level of excitement for my business because I have support that I need to meet my business goals. I was initially embarrassed to show Chris what my finances look like under the hood, but Chris was unfazed and actually made me feel really good at what I have already accomplished over the last decade.

Thank you, Chris, for putting my business on the right path.

The Results

Within the first year of working with the Bragg team, their revenues grew by more than 20%. We helped them discover which of their marketing services was most profitable by encouraging time tracking and developing better systems, including a client portal for project management.

Having access to accurate and timely information enabled the marketing agency to identify what was holding them back from growing and to make informed decisions based on hard data. We also offered them research and case studies on how other businesses in their industries are handling their growth. From this, they developed the Brand Bootcamps, an intensive creative marketing consultation for businesses that need multiple marketing services and creative deliverables. This unique marketing package helped increase revenue in 2019 by 50%.

Today, the marketing agency has a solid financial foundation and a talented team of creative professionals who work with businesses all over the country, from podcasters to utilities.

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Mike Bragg

Bragg Media Marketing Agency, Michigan

Our marketing agency is now more profitable (by more than 50%). Chris Hervochon's team are valuable partners in helping our marketing agency grow smarter. We can rest knowing our financial foundation is in good hands! Thank you for all that you do for us.

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