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By Chris Hervochon, CPA, CVA | October 5, 2018

Why did I start my own CPA firm? Check out my new interview on WHHI-TV’s Talk of the Town!

By Chris Hervochon, CPA, CVA | September 24, 2018
CMSWire interviews Chris Hervochon about blockchain

How Blockchain Is Disrupting Enterprise Finance And Accounting Departments

By Heather Bragg | September 18, 2018

CMSWire interviews Chris Hervochon about blockchain and cryptocurrencies By David Roe | CMSWire If blockchain is disrupting enterprise digital strategies globally, in the future it will also disrupt enterprise departments and the way they go about their business. In fact, according to a recent survey, 50 percent of financial leaders say blockchain will be part of …

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Who is Chris Hervochon?

A Certified Public Accountant who thinks outside the box to meet your financial goals

Chris Hervochon, CPA, CVA provides tax planning and preparation for small businesses and individuals, as well as virtual CFO services, specializing in advertising, marketing and creative agencies. After more than a decade of working side-by-side with individuals and businesses, Chris saw a need for a better way to manage accounting and taxes. He builds automation into financial management systems that lift the administrative burden on business owners and allow for greater insights, so business owners can be more profitable.

How is Chris Hervochon CPA CVA LLC different from other accounting firms?

There’s a misconception that only businesses in the marketing industry with a large income and many assets need to hire CPAs. However, CPAs provide much needed assistance to individuals with a wide range of incomes and financial situations. Chris Hervochon is there every step of the way with the expert guidance you need — including understanding complicated tax code, professional accounting and bookkeeping and strategy consulting.



Do you know how your marketing, advertising or creative business stacks up? The Wayfinder is an intensive one-to-one consultation for agencies of all sizes — which includes well-researched analysis on how well your business is operating compared to industry standards, along with a financial plan to achieve your goals.

Outsourced Accounting Services

Accounting You Can Trust

With professionalism, good communication and never losing sight of your success, Chris Hervochon has the experience to manage your accounting no matter what unique situation arises. 

Income Tax Preparation

Worry Free Tax Preparation

Save time and eliminate confusion with a licensed expert to prepare your tax returns. The ever-changing tax law is confusing, but Chris Hervochon can minimize liability and maximize refunds.


Joe Miller, CPA

Accounting Professional

I had the opportunity to work with Chris for the past several years and it was truly a pleasure. Chris is not only an excellent technical accountant, but has a tremendous understanding of how the accounting processes work within the context of operating the business. He has improved processes, developed new procedures and created efficient workflows that have allowed the accounting department and upper level management to analyze, utilize and make sound business decisions based on faster and more accurate information. The combination of operational business knowledge and technical accounting skills make Chris an unbelievable asset to have in your corner.


Eric South

Accounting Professional

There are not many people I would vouch for more strongly than Chris. I’ve had the pleasure of not only working with him professionally but I also got to know him personally.

Chris exemplifies strong critical thinking and problem solving. His broad knowledge base of both accounting and taxation, encompassed with his exemplary analytical skills (most especially Excel) and his strong understanding of the stock market and the global economy makes him such a well rounded professional.

I knew it was only a matter of time before he worked on his own venture. Individuals like Chris are born to lead. As always, I wish you nothing but success. If you ever need anything at all, please reach out.


Eric Dowd, CPA

Certified Public Accountant

I had the opportunity to work with Chris over the past three and a half years at eviCore healthcare. Chris possesses both technical accounting expertise along with a deep understanding of technology and business processes, which is unique to the industry. During our time at eviCore Chris constantly served as project lead on initiatives aimed at improving processes and driving the finance department forward through increased automation and work flow improvement. Chris’ abilities as a technical accountant, along with his understanding of technology, position him to serve as an invaluable asset to his clients and their businesses.


Allan Gaherty

Accounting Professional

In the time I worked with Chris at eviCore Healthcare he displayed superb accounting and financial skills and was always in the forefront of the implementation of new workplace technologies which greatly enhanced the productivity of all of the finance department. He was a team player who was always ready to share his expertise with other members of the group. During his tenure the company went through several complex M&A deals and Chris' insight and overall knowledge was much needed in the successful completion of these transactions.


Sharad Daswani

I was introduced to Chris by a bookkeeping firm after I mentioned I needed a quality tax accountant. Chris has exceeded the expectations. I have worked with Chris for a few years to prepare my individual and company taxes. He is Efficient. Timely. Knowledgeable. There have been many instances where Chris had to research additional information regarding tax code/implications and he not only came back with a “Yes/No” response but also provided an explanation in layman terms. Chris is a professional who provides great service and has a passion for what he does. All these qualities make for a great tax accountant.


Brian Zeiders

Chris was awesome to work with. He crunched some numbers for a business I was looking to buy. Once he ran all of the numbers he then took the time to break down the complex items for me and tell me what each item represented in terms that i could understand easily. I would highly recommend his services.


Christopher Linkimer

Vice President of Finance

Chris is a highly capable accountant, both from the perspective of technical accounting rules and practical, technology-driven solutions. Our company went through several M&A transactions during his tenure as a Senior Accountant and Accounting Manager, and he was a key member of the team evaluating the GAAP implications of these complex arrangements. Subsequently as the Finance Director for my product group, he automated several recurring processes and built financial models for new product development and existing product revenue forecasting.

Steve Wooster

I have used SOAR for over a decade. I would not trust anyone else with my taxes other than Chris. His dedication to each client is unparalleled and is extremely knowledgeable. Chris ensures every client has a personal experience and is very quick to answer any questions you might have. I am so impressed with his work that I have recommended him to my entire family.


Blake Taylor

Great to work with. Chris is very helpful and highly professional. This is my second year using Chris for my tax return. I trust Chris and would recommend him to everyone.


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