Progressive Commercial Small Business Goals with Chris Hervochon

3 questions that can help you achieve your small business goals

Chris Hervochon was interviewed for Progressive Commercial

By Progressive Commercial

Most advice on setting small business goals focuses on a single concept: Develop a simple process to identify and achieve those goals.

But how?

“A lot of small business owners struggle with developing a methodical plan for setting and achieving goals,” says Chris Hervochon, a CPA and owner of a better way CPA, a firm specializing in accounting and strategic planning for small businesses. “They start a business because it’s doing something they love, but they end up spending all their time working in their business, instead of working on their business.”

To shift the focus to working on improving and growing your business, Hervochon recommends setting goals that are achievable, but also force you to stretch in ways that will drive profitable growth.

The Startup Guide to Business Chris Hervochon

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