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When you’re ready, here are 5 ways A Better Way CPA can help you grow your marketing agency:

1. Join our Facebook group.

This is a growing community of marketing and creative professionals who want to grow their agencies faster and smarter.

2. Download "From Freelancer to Agency Owner.”

You have the ambition, desire, and skillset, but are you financially prepared to start your own agency? This ebook will walk you through everything you need to know.

3. Be a guest on my YouTube Show.

This YouTube show offers helpful accounting and finances information to professionals in the marketing industry. Apply to be a guest.

4. Take our free accounting assessment.

We have 11 quick questions, and your answers will help you get a sense of how well your agency is working for you.

5. Let’s work together.

Do your numbers add up? Not sure what the results are saying about your agency? Are you ready to outsource your finance function to a virtual CFO? Apply to work with us. Then, let’s talk.

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