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On-Demand Webinar - Agency Profitability Audit Framework

Learn how to diagnose and fix the profitability of your agency.

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Learn the 5-step framework for auditing an agency’s profitability.

On-Demand Webinar - How to Recession Proof Your Agency

October 2022 - How to get your agency through a looming recession

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Learn how to get your marketing agency tough economic times.

Accounting for Marketing

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Cash Flow Forecast Template

The Better Way CPA Excel model will help you predict how much cash you will have on any given day over the next few months.

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A cash flow forecast paints a picture of how long your cash will last and how much cash you will need over a certain time period.

Marketing KPIs Ebook

Marketing Key Predictive Indicators can help reveal the future of your business' positioning, not your past. This ebook can help!

Metrics Matter

Find out which metrics determine how profitable your marketing efforts are. Includes which KPIs to track, how to track and online resources to help.

25 Accounting Terms

Need help understanding confusing accounting vocabulary? Check out Better Way CPA's dictionary of terms explained for the layperson

Be in the Know

If you are looking to work more efficiently with accounting, this is a good place to start.

Choosing a Bank Checklist

The first step in the entrepreneur's journey: choosing a bank account. This checklist will help.

Cover your bases

If you've been operating a business for awhile, you know how important it is to have a bank that you trust fits your needs. 

How to Recession Proof Your Marketing Agency

Learn how to survive and thrive through economic uncertainties

Empower Yourself

This ebook will help you make informed decisions, providing key steps you can take to prepare for economic downturns.

Freelancer to Agency

You have the skills, but are you financially ready to move from freelancer to agency? This free ebook helps you make a plan.


How to get your legal entity right

How to set up your accounting systems

 ... And More.

Tax Organizer

Better Way CPA's downloadable and fillable PDF will help ease the process of pulling together your tax information.

Tax Tool

This free download will help you organize your necessary financial information and make sure you don't miss any important deductions.

Entrepreneur's Starter Kit

The Startup's Guide to Business is the ultimate guide for first-time business owners to help them compete in today's market.

Pillars of Business

This 71-page ebook was written by experts in human resources, business strategy, marketing and accounting. Includes free resources and more.

Which Taxes?

Check out Better Way CPA's list of all of the taxes a business must pay. Knowing what taxes to pay is key to managing your financial future.

Ultimate List

For businesses, taxes can be even more complicated. Learn the different types of taxes for federal, state and local.

Financial Scorecard

You've set a budget. Made a plan. But is it working? Fill out this personal finance scorecard to see how your progress really measures up.

Need a checkup?

Similar to a health checkup, the Personal Finance Scorecard takes stock in your financial health and points out areas that need improving.

The Data Driven Agency

The right systems will allow you to approach your agency with a multi-angled plan if scaling is your intent.

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 This ebook will serve as your roadmap to ensure that you are doing the right thing (and not miss the important steps). 

End of Year Checklist

When it comes to preparing your marketing agency for the next year, there are a lot of things to consider. This will help get you organized.

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Every marketing agency needs to prepare for the year ahead. This end of year tax planning checklist will help. 

Cash Flow 101 Webinar

An hourlong webinar on taking control of your business' cash, Chris Hervochon covers all aspects of cash flow management.

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Comes with a free Excel template to forecast 150 days of your cash flow.  Chris will show you how to make this template work for you.

Cash Reserves Calculator

Better Way CPA's cash reserves calculator is meant to provide an amount of cash reserves you should keep in your business.

Have enough?

Unexpected expenses can stifle plans for growth. Find out  how much cash you need in your business.

Working Capital

"Marketing Agencies and Working Capital: What, Why & How" is the ultimate guide on how to make your marketing agency profitable.

Capital Control

In this capital management guide, learn how to calculate,  measure and improve your agency's capital.

Agency QBI Deduction

Can marketers take advantage of the QBI deduction? This guide helps shed some light on the complicated QBI portion of tax law.

Do you qualify?

The QBI deduction can be up to a 20% tax deduction — enormous! Here's everything you need to know about the QBI deduction.

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