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There’s A Better Way to operate your agency

We are a virtual accounting firm that specializes in scaling marketing agencies.

There’s A Better Way to meet the demands of a growing client base, to innovate your marketing agency and to control your finances — all while enjoying the life you envisioned when you first started your marketing agency. Our outsourced accounting firm for marketing agencies will help you compete in today’s unpredictable marketplace. We take the confusion out of your data.

We help smaller agencies think big

We help larger agencies operate lean and focus on innovation.

We build new systems and integrate software, ensuring data accuracy.

We manage and forecast cash flow.

accounting services for marketing agencies virtual cfo for marketing

We are certified in your tech stack:

Outsourced Accounting Prices

Enjoy peace of mind with an automated bookkeeping experience and an actual human to help you understand the numbers.


$800 per month, on average

Best for small agencies that are just getting started:

Limited E-mail Support

5 Virtual Meetings per Year

Quarterly Account Reconciliations

1099 Filing and Distribution


$1,700 per month, on average

Best for agencies that are ready to take the next step in their growth.

Unlimited E-mail Support

10 Virtual Meetings per Year

Monthly Account Reconciliations

1099 Filing and Distribution

Business Income Tax Return

Employee Expense Reports

Collect A/R Faster

Entering Bills

Payroll for up to 5 Employees

Agency Dashboard

Financial Forecasting


$2,300 per month, on average

Best for larger agencies that are growing.

Unlimited E-Mail Support

14 Virtual Meetings per Year

Monthly Account Reconciliations

1099 Filing and Distribution

Business Income Tax Return

Employee Expense Reports

Collect AR Faster

Entering Bills

Payroll for up to 10 Employees

Agency Dashboard

Financial Forecasting

Yearly Planning for Tax Savings

Quarterly Estimated Tax Calculations

Accrual Basis of Accounting

Industry Benchmarking

Grow smart with a virtual CFO accounting designed for marketing agencies

Lauren Marcinkoski

Lauren Marcinkoski

The Levy Group marketing agency, South Carolina

I cannot say enough good things about this company! Chris and his team have made a tremendous difference in our efficiency and their tools allow us to make decisions strategically.


Emma Tang Rhodes

Website Designer, Birdwell Agency

One thing I've learned about having my own business ... stick to your strength and hire experts. If anyone is looking for an accountant, contact Chris Hervochon with A Better Way CPA. Hands down, the best.

Scale Smartly:

Just because your marketing agency landed a big client doesn’t mean you’re ready for additional hires. We can help you make smarter decisions that grow your agency with profitability in mind — from boosting efficiency with the right digital tools to managing your cash flow.

Cut Costs:

Hiring a virtual accounting firm is an 86% savings compared to filling an internal position. That's 13.5% of what it costs to hire a Chief Financial Officer, 16.79% of what it costs to hire a controller and 21.5% of what it costs to hire a bookkeeper — not including the costs of benefits and payroll taxes.

Build Cash Reserves:

A cash reserve lets you make the decisions for your marketing and advertising agency that you want to make as opposed to the decisions you have to make. It also allows you to scale by bringing on additional resources without running into a cash flow crunch. A cash reserve also helps your marketing agency survive unexpected downturns.

Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 5.14.00 PM

Marcel Petitpas

Agency Profit Podcast

Chris Hervochon is the Michael Jordan of accounting.

Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 5.09.03 PM

Mike Bragg

Bragg Media Marketing Agency, South Carolina

Our marketing agency is not more profitable (by more than 50%). Chris Hervochon's team are valuable partners in helping our marketing agency grow smarter. We can rest knowing our financial foundation is in good hands! Thank you for all that you do for us.

Here's what happens after you fill out the below form:

  • We will immediately email you a customized report based on the information you provide.
  • When you’re ready, schedule a free discovery call by clicking here.

Have questions?

Let's put your mind at ease.

First, let’s see if we’re a good fit for your marketing agency. Take the brief online assessment. We will immediately email you a customized report based on the information you provide. When you’re ready, use the link at the bottom of the report to schedule a free 45-minute strategy session.

During the session, we will talk about these four things:

  1. We look at possibilities. We look at your agency, your niche and your price points. We look at what’s possible for you in terms of money, meaning and freedom in the next 90 days and then in the next 12 months.
  2. We look at your current situation — what’s working and what’s not working.
  3. We identify the No. 1 obstacle that’s been holding you back from the leads, the clients and the money you’re after.
  4. We map out an action plan to help you have more fun, to help more people and to make more money.

You leave the discovery call feeling clear, confident and excited about taking your marketing agency to the next level.

We work with people all over the United States. Our clients range from Rhode Island to Florida and from California to everywhere in between.

It can take 60-90 days to optimize your QuickBooks centric system and customize your reporting package. 60-90 days is the "steady state,” but you will start seeing value right out of the gate.

We will never send you an invoice apart from your monthly subscription, unless something is obviously out of scope. However, even in such circumstances, you'll know what to expect before you get the invoice.

You will have at least two dedicated staff members, who will be handling all of the bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting for your account. More info about Better Way CPA's team can be found here.

Yes, part of the onboarding services will include organizing your QuickBooks Online file.

  • Each client's financial statements go through two levels of “human review” each month, with a cumulative 64-point review checklist. 
  • Bots. Lots and lots of bots. We deploy about a dozen automated proprietary bots in order to proactively check for anomalies within your books on an ongoing basis.

We use Gusto, a payroll platform that helps businesses like yours onboard, pay, insure, and support your hardworking team. For more information, please visit

Some of our outsourced accounting packages include access to a secure client portal with real-time financial reporting and dashboarding area with data that is integrated with your accounting processes. Our goal is for business owners to be empowered to make informed business decisions based on accurate, timely and reliable data. This specialized financial reporting package isn't just financial data, it incorporates non-financial data, too, as well as forecasts and the ability to do "what-if" analysis in real-time.

Simply put, we compare your business' financial results with those of your peers. In some instances, we can compare your business to those in the same industry, in the same state, and with relatively the same size. This analysis helps to quickly identify where and why you need to make adjustments in your business to become more profitable.

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