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We help you make good decisions before you make bad ones

Marketing agencies can be dragged down by poor cash flow and inefficiencies that prevent them from scaling and innovating. Nonprofit organizations often struggle with establishing internal controls, compliance and keeping board members happy. We are a CPA firm that helps your marketing agency grow with confidence and your nonprofit make a sustainable community impact no matter what’s happening in the world today.

Need to find a better way? We're the partner your marketing agency or nonprofit has been looking for:

We stay on top of your finances, and we will regularly meet with you

We will save you money. Our services cost up to 86% less than hiring internally.

We make sense of your “mess” to manage and forecast your cash flow

We help you develop new pricing models, such as a subscription service

We fine tune your accounts receivable, so you collect money faster

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Thomas Kuoh

Thank you for talking me off of a cliff. It is very much appreciated, you saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars. You are worth every penny.

Heather Bragg Bragg Media Marketing rates Chris Hervochon five stars

Heather Bragg

Owner, Bragg Media Marketing

We have a new level of excitement for our marketing agency because we have support that we can count on. His team has made our business more profitable (by more than 50%), and they have been valuable partners in helping our marketing agency growing smarter. We've increased our business and financial intelligence with regular meetings. Best of all, we can rest knowing our financial foundation is in good hands with Chris Hervochon! Thank you for all that you do for us.


Emma Tang Rhodes

Website Designer, Birdwell Agency

One thing I've learned about having my own business ... stick to your strength and hire experts. If anyone is looking for an accountant, contact Chris Hervochon with A Better Way CPA. Hands down, the best.


Mick Wilcox

CEO at Khronos

I would highly recommend Chris and his team for any marketing agency. Calling Chris a virtual CFO or accountant vastly undersells the value Chris brings to the table. As a first time CEO of an agency, I have all kinds of questions from bookkeeping to accounting, to taxes, to valuations, and the list goes well outside the normal financial realm. Chris has input and connections in a vast array of areas and always connects me so I can get answers to keep my agency thriving. He has become more of a trusted advisor as opposed to just a virtual CFO. If you need someone to grow your business the correct way, your first call should be to Chris. Your second call can be to your clients.

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Marcel Petitpas

Agency Profit Podcast

Chris Hervochon is the Michael Jordan of accounting.

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When you work with us, you will ...

Find ways to compete in uncertain times

We help identify new revenue streams or service packages that keep your marketing agency operating with positive cash flow in mind.

Leverage your financial data

Ever wonder what sort of magic can happen when you see your financial data within the context of your project management and timesheet data? Financial Data + Non-Financial Data = Leveraged Data.

Keep score of your goals

We examine financial performance, provide accountability and offer concrete ways to stay on course.

Predict cash flow

We help manage and forecast cash flow so we can identify opportunities and problems before they happen.

We are certified in your tech stacK

When you’re ready ...

If you’re tired of accounting data that doesn’t make sense or you’re ready to ditch what’s not working, here are 4 ways we can help you grow:

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