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Accounting for Marketing

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Welcome to my show!

Being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), historically speaking, isn't considered the most exciting job. But today's tech-focused CPAs are at the forefront of emerging trends in business, finance and marketing. Data allows today's professionals to gain time, money and freedom by creating efficient accounting processes and advanced analyses.

CPAs and outsourced accountants are dependent on the cloud, apps for doing business and big data to do their jobs. Similarly, marketing professionals depend on data to determine how to effectively do their jobs. This was the impetus for my "Accounting for Marketing" YouTube show.

"Accounting for Marketing" has a double meaning

Obviously, as a CPA, the show is about all things accounting — including bookkeeping, business intelligence, financial intelligence, time and cost efficiencies and more.

Another important focus is about how accounting helps clarify, explain and emphasize the importance marketing has in the business world.

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How I got started working with marketing professionals

Want to be a guest on Accounting for Marketing?

I developed "Accounting for Marketing" YouTube show to provide helpful information that professionals in the industry can use. While the main focus on the show offers accounting and bookkeeping with a marketing focus, I often welcome special guests for organic conversations related to the marketing industry. If you are interested in being a guest, I need a little more information to see if you're a good fit!


New to "Accounting for Marketing"? Here's where to start.

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How to Grow a Marketing Agency

I really enjoyed this conversational format with Chris Johnson of Upscale Method, a consultant who works with digital marketing agencies. This hourlong conversation covers interesting challenges marketing agencies face and how they can overcome them. View the show here.

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Never miss an episode of "Accounting for Marketing"! The YouTube show airs at 12:30 p.m. every Thursday.

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