Online Webinar On The Marketing Agency Profitability Audit Framework

Learn the 5-step framework for auditing an agency’s profitability

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Often, agency owners find their agencies aren’t as profitable as they should be, or as they want them to be. During a recession, the challenges for profitability are compounded. For marketing agency owners concerned about the profitability of their business, Chris Hervochon, CPA, CVA leads this free 30-minute webinar.

Hervochon is the owner of a virtual CFO firm that specializes in financial management of marketing and creative agencies. During the webinar, he will walk attendees through a 5-step framework for auditing an agency’s profitability:

Assess profitability within the context of the agency’s growth rate.

Determine if revenue is broken.

Identify expenses that are too high and areas where expenses can be cut.

Analyze the agency’s project management.

Investigate any problems with operations.

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