Cash Flow 101 Webinar

A 1-hour Step-By-Step Guide to Gain Control Over Your Cash

A Free Cash Flow Webinar

Sign up for Chris Hervochon's hourlong webinar on taking control of your business' cash. He covers all aspects of cash flow management during economic crises and "normal" times. This webinar originally aired as part of The Don Ryan Center for Innovation, a business incubator in Bluffton SC.

What to expect from Cash Flow 101 Webinar

Cash Flow Webinar Topic Highlights:

  • Why you need cash

  • Three different types of cash flow

  • How to read cash flow

  • How much cash you should have in reserve

  • How to measure your business’ ability to manage cash flow

  • How to forecast cash flow

  • Ideas for fixing cash flow

How To Watch:

After you sign up on the form below, you'll be taken to a private landing page where you can watch the hourlong video on your time, at your convenience. Feel free to bookmark the page and keep coming back to watch as many times as you need. Chris Hervochon concisely walks you through a lot of information. Check your e-mail for more information.

Free Excel template to forecast your cash flow

You'll also receive a free Excel template to forecast 150 days of your cash flow, which is good for your personal and business finances. If this sounds too complicated, don't worry! Chris will show you how to make this template work for you.

Sign Up for the Cash Flow Webinar

Why a cash flow forecast?

Cash is the life blood of business and without it, you can't pay the employees and other operational expenses that keep your business afloat. Understanding how much cash, where your cash is going and how to manage your cash is imperative to thrive in today's economy.

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