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The Entrepreneur Starter Kit

What every business owner needs to know to compete in a competitive marketplace

The Startup's Guide to Business

Perhaps you’re just thinking of starting a business? Or you recently launched a business? If you’re reading this, you have likely felt the tug of entrepreneurship.

The Startup’s Guide to Business is a 71-page interactive ebook written by four business owners for the first-time entrepreneur about the main pillars of business: strategy, human resources, sales and marketing and accounting. The ebook takes the readers step-by-step on how to plan for growth, how to stay compliant and how to execute initiatives that every business needs to not only survive in today’s competitive marketplace but to also thrive.

What you can expect from this free ebook

  • What every business needs to be compliant with employment, operations and accounting

  • What it means to be an effective leader

  • The importance of writing a mission and vision statement

  • Attracting and retaining the right employees

  • Implementing effective and strategic planning in accounting

  • Real talk on being properly capitalized from the start

  • Curated list of productivity apps and digital tools

  • How to attract, engage and delight your target market audience

  • How to define your unique value proposition

  • Why inbound marketing sets your business up for success

  • Free and effective marketing tools every business owners should have

  • How to develop a business strategy using the SMARTS goal planning

  • Tracking your progress

  • An outline for a business plan

  • Recommended Learning

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Who wrote The Startup’s Guide to Business?

  • Roy Austin - Black and White

    Roy Austin

    Business Coach, Author and Speaker

Roy is a distinguished author, successful businessman, a results driven
coach, and a sought-after speaker. In 2007, he founded Rockwell Business Solutions, LLC (RBS), which provides coaching and training services for businesses seeking the next level.

  • Linda Klingmant black and white

    Linda Klingman

    Owner of HR Coastal

Linda is an expert who specializes in HR outsourcing. With over 25 years of experience in compliance and employment practices, her firm advises small businesses on how to avoid costly lawsuits and minimizes risk of penalties and fines during a government audit.

  • Heather Bragg - black and white

    Heather Bragg

    President, Bragg Media Marketing

Heather’s marketing agency has offered traditional and digital marketing support for a variety of clients since 2007. Before she worked in marketing, Heather was a print journalist who worked for newspapers and magazines in the Midwest and Southeast.

  • Chris Hervochon - black and white

    Chris Hervochon

    Owner of Chris Hervochon CPA CVA LLC

Chris’ CPA firm provides outsourced accounting and tax preparation for small businesses and individuals. Chris spent the prior 10 years between forensic accounting and corporate accounting and finance.

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