Chris Hervochon AIGA Design Adjacent podcast

Chris Hervochon, CPA, CVA offers accounting tips for marketers in recent AIGA podcast

Chris Hervochon, CPA CVA was a recent guest on AIGA the professional association for graphic design’s “Design Adjacent” podcast.  As a virtual CFO who specializes in accounting for  marketing agencies, graphic designers and other creative professionals, Hervochon’s team brings insight from years of experience in this particular service industry.

“I genuinely like working with creatives. They’re a lot of fun,” Hervochon said during “Design Adjacent” podcast. “They appreciate what we do and how we do it.”

A noted difference  between working with creatives and other clients outside of this industry, is understanding the tax system and how that works. Many creative professionals don’t have a background in accounting or financial management. Hervochon also offers insight and advice on value-based billing, a unique way creative professionals can bill for their services that reduces friction with customers while bringing more efficiency to an agency’s process.

Hervochon spoke about how his virtual accounting company helps marketing agency owners make rational decisions about their business. Additionally, Hervochon said an effective CFO will meet with marketing and creative agencies on a regular basis, so that they have the full context of the leadership team — from their personality to their goals. 

Other areas of interest discussed in the “Design Adjacent” podcast include adopting a data-driven approach to running your marketing agency, including:

  • Understanding industry trends
  • Increase profitability and scalability using data
  • How to design your systems
  • Finding the right bank that works with accounting applications
  • Using data visualization and data platforms
  • And more

Listen to the entire podcast at

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