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Conferences for the next generation of accountants

Chris Hervochon was interviewed by “Accounting Today” magazine

By Sean McCabe | Accounting Today

The summer conference calendar is always busy, but over the past several years it has grown even more crowded with the addition of a host of events aimed specifically at young professionals and the “next generation.”

Jennifer Wilson, co-founder and partner at ConvergenceCoaching, and a regular speaker on the conference circuit, noted that the content and focus of these “next gen” conferences can vary widely. “Some are immersive, about personal skills, and some are state of the industry,” she said. If it doesn’t say ‘next gen,’ you might not be talking to ‘next gen.’”

So it’s worth asking: What are young professionals looking for at these gatherings — and what are they getting out of them? Do they feel their best interests are being considered and, if not, what changes can be made to make sure they are?

Chris Hervochon, a finance director at eviCore Healthcare, entered Edge with a specific motivation of making the most out of meeting his peers.

“My expectations were that I would have the opportunity to associate with like-minded young professionals, and to gain a broader perspective of the soft skills and situational leadership needed to rise to the top of the accounting profession,” he said. “I was hoping to learn from industry thought leaders who have ‘been there and done that’ and to then be able to gain insight regarding those same concepts from successful individuals who currently occupy a similar stage of their career as myself. That being said, my expectations were exceeded by a wide margin.”

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