Chris Hervochon building a learning culture salespop interview

How to build a learning culture in a company

(Zoom Interview from Sales Pop)

In life, we constantly learn new things. In this Expert Insight Interview, Chris Hervochon discusses how to build a learning culture within the company. Chris Hervochon is a founder of CPA, CVA firm focused on marketing and other creative agencies.

The interview discusses:

  • How to learn and use our knowledge
  • How to connect marketing and accounting

Learn It and Use It

Learning should be a continuous process embedded in every company culture. That includes striving to achieve mastery and constant innovation in what we do and how we do it. An accounting firm should not focus only on how to handle GAAP, but how to improve overall product and service for the clients as well. Professionals like accountants have a legal obligation to continue their education to keep their CPAs, but informal learning such as going to webinars or listening to some TED talk leader is equally beneficial. By educating ourselves we enrich our minds and we make it easier for ourselves to excel in our business by connecting the things we learned. The knowledge we gain can be used both externally and internally. External use of knowledge would be to answer all the questions that clients have regarding taxes or how and why we do something. Internal use of knowledge would be to know the software that the company uses for easy access to client information and different solutions, to write the knowledge-based articles, blogs, or eBooks to publish, and to explain to new hires how to use the software to speed up the onboarding process.

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