[ INTERVIEW ] Switch to virtual client meetings amid coronavirus fears

Chris Hervochon was recently interviewed by Journal of Accountancy

By Anita Dennis • Journal of Accountancy

Right in the middle of busy season, many CPAs found themselves forced to change the way they work with clients because of concerns about the coronavirus. How can CPAs maintain great client service and relationships in a new environment? Here is advice on how to successfully shift your client interactions from in-person to online from CPAs whose practices are already largely virtual.

Help clients learn the platform. When you email clients to set up a meeting, “you can clarify that it’s possible to join either by phone or using the app and give explicit directions on how to do it,” said Chris Hervochon, CPA, a sole practitioner in Hilton Head Island, S.C.

ZoomGoogle Meet, and Skype have tutorials that CPAs can share with clients, Oransky said.

If clients prefer talking on their phones rather than on their laptops, those with Apple products can use FaceTime, he recommended. “Many older people use it to talk to their grandkids and are pretty savvy with it,” he said. (See this Tech Q&A column for more advice on effective remote meetings.)

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