Chris Hervochon podcast interview Success Defined

Lessons from JPMorgan to Entrepreneurship, Chris Hervochon

Chris Hervochon was a guest on Ben McDonald’s “Success Defined” podcast

By Chris McDonald | Success Defined

For 7 years, Chris Hervochon was happy working full time for somebody else while enjoying his side hustle. Finally one day during a meeting with a boss, something inside clicked and told Chris that it was time to do something else. That led to the creation of a better way CPA. 

Chris discusses some of his misperceptions going in to owning and running his own business. We talk about the evolution of building a brand, building word of mouth, and how he has seen the most success in getting more business for a new service company.

About the podcast:

“Success Defined” focuses on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, personal growth, nonprofits, and achieving dreams. Different hosts, perspectives, and topics to help you accomplish more than ever before.

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