Winsavvy interviews Chris Hervochon on mistakes startups make

70 Mistakes Startups Make And Tips On How You Can Avoid Them

Chris Hervochon interviewed for WinSavvy article

By WinSavvy

To be an entrepreneur, is no easy task. You leave the comfort of your 9 to 5 and venture to a world where the stakes are high. You have no fixed salary and everyday you have to put your all in without getting the chance to see the results up-front.

Well, if you are an entrepreneur, your only goal should be progress. And, guess what?
You don’t want your progress beaten down by some mistakes you had no idea about. Heck, your entire small business can get ruined by just one action or omission!

They say, prevention is better than cure. That’s why here are the top 70 mistakes that most startups make. It is a mega list as it comprises almost all the mistakes possible under the sun as forecasted by 75+ small business owners and startup founders.Some of them here are even serial entrepreneurs who have tried their hands at several startups.

Co-mingling personal and business funds – Then, when it is time to prepare financial statements to do a tax return or to get funding, the data is almost impossible to segregate and clean up. Chris Hervochon of  A Better Way CPA considers it to be difficult to make solid strategic decisions without good financial data.

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